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My Very First Drarry !

Sometimes at work, I'm really bored...

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French Music - Variété Française

I love this song

What did you think of it ?


HP Fic: Harry Loves Ginny

Postée à l'origine par lamerezouille sur HP Fic: Harry Loves Ginny, (v.1.2)

Here is a betaed version of something I wrote months ago. It still is a little wonky, but I didn't feel like going into it too deeply so much time later...

Title: Harry Loves Ginny
Pairings/Characters: Harry/Draco, past Harry/Ginny, implied Ginny/a bunch of other people
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~8000
Summary: Harry loved Ginny. Draco was not just sure of it, he knew it.
Warning: Written by a French person who can sometime get lost in the tenses of the English language.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement intended.
Note: Betaed by tigersilver (she doesn’t want me to say she did it, but really, she did – there were things that just didn’t make any sense before she looked into it) Also, there is a line in the end which is inspired by a line in the movie "Love Songs" (which is a very good and beautiful and sad and hopeful movie; you should see it, everybody should see it) - it was said by the director that the line in question came from some kind of Jewish proverb, but I felt I should credit the movie anyway.

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New Icons <3

I made new icons !
But this time with pictures I took myself long ago ^^

J'ai fait de nouveaux avatars !
Mais cette fois avec des photos que j'ai prises moi-même il y a longtemps ^^

zzzzzzzzzzap !

fleurs jaunes *** ***
free to use

Share Some Great Oofuri Fic !

I Love It so much, that I just have to share this love with you all people

A fantastic Ookiku Furikabutte fanfic by a great writter !!!

Go read it NOW !
please :p

Postée à l'origine par mistr3ssquickly sur Oofuri NaNo: "Over the Hills and Far Away: 30." Mihashi/Abe, PG

I Want Them Dead !!!

I can't stand them anymore !!
They will soon out-numbered us !
They even can give you disease ! yuk !
I want them all dead !

Je ne les supporte plus !!
Ils vont bientôt nous dépasser en nombre !
Ils peuvent même nous transmettre des maladies ! beurk !
Je veux tous les voir mourir !

Les moustiques tigre !
Tiger mosquitoes !

moustique tigre

I scratch all over
and my legs are elephant man like ! TT^TT

Plus they are ninja mosquitoes !
You don't hear them come near until it's too late and you scratched your skin raw.

Ça me gratte de partout
et je ressemble à elephant man des jambes ! TT^TT

En plus ce sont des moustiques ninja !
On ne les entend pas s'approcher jusqu'à ce que ce soit trop tard et qu'on se soit gratter la chair à vif.


Icons I Made

Today, after reading brinimc's entry   Icon Meme,
I wanted to make icons

Aujourd'hui, après avoir lu   brinimc post Icon Meme  ,
j'ai eu envie de faire des avatars

ta~~daaaaaa !


they are free to use ;)

Franglish Communication


Je suis fatiguée.
I'm tired.

J'ai sommeil !
I'm sleepy !

Je vais me mettre sous ma couverture et dormir jusqu'au matin.
I'm going under my cover and sleep until morning.

Bonne nuit tout le monde !
Good night everyone !



I laughed so hard !!

Postée à l'origine par hd_hols sur HAPPY H/D HOLIDAYS, GOODGONEGIRL!
Artist: yumekutteikt                                          

The last case is pure laugh !!

please click her